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The easiest way to quickly determine if upholstered furniture will last is to find out what kind of cushioning is used. It's not enough to know that a piece of furniture is comfortable in the store. You also need to know if the cushioning will last and remain comfortable for years to come.



Equally important is the frame of the furniture. The frame of a modern piece of furniture could be composed of anything: steel, kiln-dried hardwood, softwood, or particle board.



A durable frame and high quality springs are worthless without a high quality fabric covering them. Learn how to choose the best fabric fibers, finishes, and weaves for your furniture.



If your upholstery is made of leather, is the leather real or fake? Is the real leather just on the seat with fake leather on the rest of the piece? Is the color dyed through the entire thickness or just painted on the surface (until it flakes off)?



The details really make an upholstered piece special. Are the fabric patterns perfectly centered and aligned on the back, seat cushion, and decking? Are the buttons and piping attached properly? Can the cushion covers be removed for cleaning?

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