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Never, never buy lighting through a furniture store or interior designer. Even retail lighting stores charge much more than you should ever pay.

There are many order-by-phone discounters that sell designer lighting (lamps, chandeliers, sconces, etc.) directly to the consumer at up to 50% off. Even high-style designer brands, such as Frederick Cooper and Stiffel, are carried by these companies.

There are also a few factory-owned factory outlets for lighting that sell some brands at 50%-75% off retail.

The companies I research and recommend in my book are all very reputable and have prices at least 50%-75% off retail. Unfortunately, some of the companies that advertise in the backs of magazines and on the Web do not have good prices or service.

My book, The Insider's Guide to Buying Home Furnishings, lists the best factory outlets and order-by-phone services for designer lighting. Some are factory owned. All can save you approximately 50%-75% off of the retail price charged by your local retail carpeting stores and interior designers for the very same carpet.

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