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Mistakes people make when buying fabrics:

  1. Splitting Pieces of Fabric
  2. Be careful if you buy the fabric you need in two (or more) separate pieces. Whenever possible, buy all of a particular fabric in one unbroken piece. Occasionally, you may find at a fabric store that there isn't enough fabric on a roll to complete your project, and the store may bring out another small length of fabric to make up the difference. Rarely, a telephone order fabric house may ship your order in two separate pieces. There are two problems with this.

    You may have a dye lot mismatch in a situation such as this. This means that the dyes for the two pieces of fabric weren't mixed at the same time and may not match. Always compare the two pieces of fabric carefully to be sure that there is no mismatch of any of the dye colors before accepting a split order of fabric. Also, consult with the seamstress, upholsterer, or workroom who will be making your home furnishings out of this fabric. Most types of home furnishings require certain unbroken lengths of fabric. If the amounts of fabric involved in the split order don't correspond with the needs of your project, you could end up with wasted fabric.

  3. Not Buying Enough Fabric For Your Entire Decorating Project
  4. Always be sure to get enough fabric for your entire project. If you do not have enough fabric to finish your project and you have to return to buy more, you may have problems with dye lot variations.

    Fabrics are manufactured in "dye lots". This means that all of the dye for that particular batch of fabric is mixed at once. It is virtually impossible to mix two different batches of fabric dye to the exact same shade. For this reason, different dye lots of the same fabric often vary slightly in color. Sometimes, they vary a lot.

    If you have to buy more fabric to finish your project, the original dye lot you purchased from may have already sold out, and the new dye lot may not match the fabric you already have. So, never, never, never buy fabric for part of your furnishings while intending to buy the rest later. Make sure you get all the fabric you will need for your upholstery, draperies, and accessories all at once.

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