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How To Measure For Custom Bed Treatments

There are a few general guidelines you need to be aware of:
  • Always make up your bed with any linens or blankets that you would normally use in the winter before measuring for custom bed treatments. If you measure only the bare mattress, you may find that your custom bed treatments are too short after sheets and blankets are added underneath.

  • Always use a steel tape measure, never cloth or plastic, because cloth and plastic can stretch and give inaccurate measurements.

  • Always record measurements in inches only, never feet and inches. This is standard in the industry. It is best to record the measurements in in- ches as you are taking them. If you record them in feet and inches and have to recalculate the measurements later, you might make an expensive math error.

Printable Measuring Chart

Fill in the measurements and give the chart to the workroom or seamstress stapled to your custom bed treatment order. This will eliminate a lot of the confusion that can occur with bed treatment orders. Be sure to clearly identify the bed the chart belongs with in the blanks marked Room description and Bed description. These are provided in case you have a situation where there is more than one bed in the same room -- two twin beds in a guest room, for instance.
  • Measurement A and B are the width and length of the mattress. Nothing complicated there.

  • Measurement C is the distance from the top of your mattress to the floor. This measurement is used only for bedspreads.

  • Measurement D is the distance from the top of your mattress to the top of the box springs. If you have a bed with side rails, such as a poster bed, you will instead take the measurement from the top of your mattress to the top of the rail. This measurement is only used for coverlets and comforters.

  • Measurement E is the distance from the top of your box springs to the floor. If you have a bed, usually a traditional wooden bed, with rails down either side, make sure that you measure over the railing, not under it. If you were to measure underneath the rails, straight down to the floor, your dust ruffle would be too short when you actually put it on the bed.

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