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Carpet Warranties

Nearly all carpeting comes with a five year warranty from the manufacturer. Double-check just in case. Never just assume anything when you are dealing with a business.

Most carpet warranties also cover the cost of replacement carpet padding if it should wear out before the carpeting does. Most warranties do not cover the cost of having the replacement padding installed. Again, verify this for yourself. Also, most warranties specifically exclude carpeting used on stairs.

Most warranties will also cover the cost of correcting stretching and buckling of your carpeting for at least one year after installation. These problems can be caused by improper installation, defects in the carpeting itself, high humidity, dragging furniture across the carpet, or even the house settling on its foundation.

Stretching and buckling are relatively rare in modern carpeting and should not occur as long as you use a reputable installer, treat your carpeting with a reasonable amount of care, and have a properly built home. Still, this warranty protection is free and available from most manufacturers, so you should make sure that you have it.

Most warranties state that they are null and void if you do not have the carpet installed by a professional installer. When you have your carpet installed, make sure that you retain a copy of the installer's bill or invoice to certify that you did hire a professional. Keep this copy with your warranty papers throughout the entire warranty period, just in case you are ever called upon to prove that you did hire professional help in order to have the manufacturer honor your warranty.

Most major carpeting manufacturers are very reputable and honor their warranties without any hassle. However, it never hurts to be prepared.

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