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Carpet Padding

Don't skimp on good carpet padding. This is not a good place to cut corners or pinch pennies. Good carpet padding can greatly enhance your carpeting's appearance and lengthen its useful life. Sometimes, good padding can even double the life of your carpet.

Good carpet padding will reduce wear on your carpeting by absorbing much of the impact of footsteps and furniture. It also reduces friction and wear on the backing of your carpeting, which is part of what is holding your carpeting together.

Good carpet padding can help insulate your home. It can also reduce drafts around baseboards. This can result in substantial savings on your heating or cooling bill, depending upon where you live.

Carpet padding is also a good investment. Many carpet manufacturers will guarantee their padding for the life of your carpet. If the padding should ever wear out before the carpet does, most manufacturers will replace it at no cost to you, although the cost of taking up the old padding and installing new padding will normally be your responsibility. Still, this is a lot cheaper than having to replace the carpet as well.

It makes good financial sense to buy the best quality padding available and let the padding absorb the wear and tear of everyday life rather than letting your carpeting take the brunt of it.

You will usually purchase your carpet padding from the same source where you buy your carpet. Prices and quality of the various types of carpet padding vary little among different manufacturers. It is a usually a waste of time to comparison shop separately for your carpet padding.

How will you know what kind of padding to order? Different types of carpeting, and different lifestyles, require different types of padding. This is a complicated topic. How can you know what will be the best choice for your home?

There is an easy way to resolve this. Ask your carpet installer when he or she measures your home. The installer will not be making any commission on the sale of your carpet or carpet padding and, therefore, has no financial incentive to give you a biased answer. Also, installers are often more knowledgeable than carpeting salespeople about the long term wear of carpet padding because they see it every day when they take up or repair existing carpeting.

The carpet installer will also tell you how much carpet padding should be ordered along when your home is measured.

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