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Factory Outlets and
Order-By-Phone Services for Carpeting and Rugs

All of the reputable factory outlets and order-by-phone services for carpeting and rugs are based in the Dalton, Georgia area -- the center of the carpeting industry.

  • Prices and Payment
  • The typical discount offered by these outlets and services is 50% to 75% off retail, depending upon the brand and style you choose. Most major brands are available. All of the services I recommend accept credit cards and will arrange shipment of your carpeting.

  • Ordering
  • You should make sure that you have all of the necessary product information at the ready before you call the service. You will need to know the brand of carpet you want, the color, and the square yardage needed. Have the installer's advice about carpet padding written down to discuss with the service.

    Like the ads say, you should shop in your neighborhood and write down the product information for the carpet you wish to buy: manufacturer name, style, color, special finishes such as Scotchgarding, and any other details that seem important.

  • Delivery
  • The typical delivery time is anywhere from one day to two weeks. If the carpet you want is in stock, it will usually be shipped the same day you place your order. If the carpet has to be manufactured for you, you may have to wait up to two weeks for shipment. It will also take one to five days for the carpet to reach you by truck, depending on where you live. Customers on the West Coast will have the longest wait.

    Due to size constraints, your carpeting will usually be shipped via a commercial truck line. Commercial truck drivers do not carry your packages inside for you. You will want to have help available when the carpeting arrives. Rolls of carpet are quite heavy and awkward to carry. You will need at least one other person to help you.

    These services are accustomed to making truck deliveries as simple as possible for their customers. They have a well established routine. Usually, you will leave a daytime phone number with the telephone ordering service when you place your order. When your order is shipped, the service will call you with the name and phone number of the specific truck line that will be delivering your order and a tracking number that identifies your packages to the trucking company.

    You should then call the trucking company and give them your tracking number to determine when your order should arrive. This may be any time from the next day to the next week, depending upon how far away from Georgia you are located. The trucking company will usually be able to give you a specific day and a rough idea of the time of your delivery. Most trucking companies will also call you, at your request, when the driver is actually on the way to your home.

    You must be home when the carpet arrives. Commercial truck drivers will not wait, nor will they come back at a later time. If you miss the delivery, you will have to pay the freight charges to bring the carpet to you, take it back to Georgia, and then bring it back to you again. This can get extremely expensive. Be absolutely sure that you, and your helper, will be there when your carpet arrives.

    Residential deliveries are usually made between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM, Monday through Friday. Trucking companies generally do not make weekend or evening deliveries.

    You may choose to pay the trucking company for the freight charges when the carpet arrives, or you may ask the telephone ordering service to include these charges when you pay for your carpet. The charges will be the same either way.

    You should arrange to pay the freight charges when you order your carpet. Truck drivers are unable to process credit card payments. If you pay the freight charges to the telephone ordering service, you will be able to use your credit card. This way, if there should be any future discrepancies or problems with your freight charges, you will have much more leverage to get the problems resolved.

    My book, The Insider's Guide to Buying Home Furnishings , lists the best factory outlets and order-by-phone services for carpeting and rugs. Most are factory owned. All can save you approximately 50%-75% off of the retail price charged by your local retail carpeting stores and interior designers for the very same carpet.

    The companies I research and recommend in my book are all very reputable and have prices at least 50%-75% off retail. Unfortunately, some of the companies that advertise in the backs of magazines and on the Web do not have good prices or service.

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