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How To Find a Reputable Installer

Just look in the Yellow Pages under "Carpet and Rug Repair". Most phone books don't have a separate category for carpet installation, but you will find that many of the companies that advertise carpet repair and replacement will also install new carpeting.

You can also look in the Yellow Pages under "Contractors-Home" to get referrals to reputable local installers. Contractors almost always arrange the carpet installation in new homes. The contractors I called when researching this book didn't mind getting this information for me at all and seemed genuinely pleased to refer installers who had done excellent work for them in the past.

Contractors usually know who the best professional installers in the local area are because they arrange so many carpet installations. They've already gone through all of the trial and error screening necessary to determine which installers do a good job, and which don't. If the new homeowners have a problem with the carpet after moving in, the contractor will usually be the first person to hear of it. You can feel reasonably certain that any carpet installer who is recommended by a local contractor will do a satisfactory job for you.

Be sure to get references from any installer before hiring him or her. Get a minimum of three references, preferably more. The trouble of calling the references is small compared to the trouble and expense caused by having to replace poorly installed carpeting.

Make sure that some of the references are at least six months old. Often, problems associated with shoddy carpeting installation don't show up immediately. However, if the customer is still happy with the job after six months have gone by, you can feel pretty safe trusting that installer.

Call the local Chamber of Commerce and the local Better Business Bureau to make sure that the installer has no unresolved complaints on record.

Don't feel insecure about hiring a local installer yourself instead of having a carpeting store or interior designer arrange installation for you. Usually, carpeting stores and interior designers hire installations out to professional installers and collect a hefty commission just for making a simple telephone call.

So, don't worry that you may be settling for less qualified help by making these arrangements yourself. You will be hiring an installer from the same local pool of workers either way, but by making that call yourself you can cut out the middleman's big commission check.

Look for an installer who works with several helpers. These crews of workers can usually complete an average home in a single day, which will mean that you can sleep there that night. If your installation runs more than one day, you may have to go to a hotel because all of your furniture might have been moved into a big pile in one corner of your house. Installers who work alone can seldom complete an average house in only one day.

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