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All types of designer and custom bedding are readily available at 50% to 75% less than you would pay through a local retail store or interior designer--you just have to know where to look!

Complete Guide To Custom Bed Treatments

Kimberly's complete guide to all types of custom bed treatments: bedspreads, duvet covers, shams, bed ruffles, and canopies. Includes detailed measuring charts, instructions on choosing the right fabric types and patterns for each style, and yardage calculations for each style and size.

Complete Guide To Ready-Made Bed Treatments

Kimberly's complete guide to ordering ready-made bed treatments at 50%-75% off retail! Includes factory outlets and order-by-phone services for bedspreads, dust ruffles, shams, tablecloths, and sheets. Also includes factory-outlet information for dozens of popular ready-made bed treatment brands, including: Ralph Lauren, Alexander Julian, Waverly, and more!

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