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Kimberly Causey has been the nation's top expert on home furnishings bargains for over 20 years with two best-selling books and hundreds of media interviews.

This is your opportunity to let Kimberly's readers know what you have to offer: special sales, discounts, coupons, and exclusive merchandise. offers two advertising methods at this time:

  1. Banner ads: Place your 300 X 250 banner ad on any available page of your choice for only $25/month. Click here to sign up and choose your ad space.

  2. Email blasts: Kimberly contacts her opt-in email list weekly with news on special sales and coupons. Click here to sign up and choose your date and distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Someone else is already advertising on the review page for my store! No problem. Store owners always have first option to advertise on the page which hosts their own review. Any preexisting ad you see on your store review page is a general placement ad which can be moved.

  2. What types of companies can buy ads on Most of our ads are for home furnishings companies, although we will accept ads for product categories that might appeal to our readers: pet products, lawn & garden, etc.

  3. What types of companies cannot buy ads on We do not accept ads from any company with a one or two star review on We also do not accept ads from companies that promote gambling, smoking, alcohol, adult products, weight loss, or any other product or service that would be inappropriate on a family-friendly web site.

  4. Will purchasing an ad influence Kimberly's review of my business? No. We maintain strict separation of our editorial and advertising departments.

  5. Is there a long commitment? No. Our advertiser subscriptions run month to month. Advertisers can cancel in writing at any time with no financial penalty.

Please email Kimberly if you have any questions not answered here. complies with the CAN-SPAM act. Emails are only sent to readers who opt in directly at our website.

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