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Custom Accessories

Custom accessories are available at or near wholesale prices, too: decorative pillows, chair cushions, and decorative tablecloths. These extra touches can really make a room look complete.

You do have to be extra careful about bargain shopping, however. Typically, the smaller an item is, the larger the middleman markup. You definitely don't want to have any of these furnishings made through a designer or retail store. Always go directly to a local wholesale workroom.

Decorative Pillows

There are an infinite variety of styles. Each workroom will have its own menu of styles and sizes, and its own specific yardage requirements. Contact a workroom in your area for the choices they have available.

Chair Cushions

Prices and yardages for custom cushions will have to be individually quoted by the workroom. Make a newspaper template of the shape of your chair seat and bring it with your old cushion to the workroom. They can recommend an appropriate style and quote you the correct yardage.


These are decorative tablecloths, designed to be used on small occasional tables. If you don't have one, you can get a particle board table very inexpensively at most home centers. Tablecloths for dining room tables will have to be quoted individually by the workroom.

Drapery Trim

Drapery trim, fringe, rope trim, decorative tiebacks, tassels, etc. can be purchased from a variety of sources for your window treatments, bed treatments, and decorative accessories. Many local fabric stores in your area carry them, at very good prices. This will normally be your best source.

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